High Ticket Live Events

High Ticket Live Events

What can I help you with?

Whether it is your first time launching a Live Event or you have done many of them before I am able to offer my services to help you with the work behind the scenes in the run up to the Event, during the event on the day and after the event.

Live Events are a fantastic way to really get up close and personal with your ideal clients. It is an opportunity to bring a room full of women ( or men ) together who all share the same values and who there to learn and grow. Live Events are a great way for you to make an impact in your industry. But it involves a lot of organisation and project managing to make the day run smoothly.

So, if you would like support, someone that can deal with the admin such as:

  • Contracts and keeping in touch with the Venue Team
  • Finding the perfect venue,
  • Dealing with email correspondence,
  • Connecting with your Guest Speakers
  • Working alongside a Graphic Designer and printers for any merchandise or materials that you require for the day
  • Creating your Keynotes
  • Promoting & Advertising your event
  • Setting up Ticket Event on Eventbrite
  • Integrating event with your Email
  • Marketing Platform
  • Setting up and scheduling your email marketing for the event
  • Attending your event on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly, managing and directing any runners or crew that are there on the day so that they know what they are doing
  • Working alongside Photographers and Videographers on the day
  • Checking in all your guests on the day
  • Be available for a Debrief after your event ( optional )
  • Anything else you might need support with we can discuss

*Please ensure that you contact me at least 4 months before your event is due to take place if you are needing support from the very beginning and to check my availability.

**If you have an event taking place in less than 4 months, depending on the level of support you require and my current workload I may still be able to help so please always reach out and pop in your inquiries below.

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