Meet Clare

Hi, I'm Clare Reynolds

A Life & Business Coach
Helping you leverage your time with digital marketing & tech support so you no longer feel overwhelmed and avoid burning out.

I live in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside with my three Children Beth, William & Oliver.  My services are all about building authentic long-lasting relationships and enabling you to be both a present mum and a successful business owner just like I am.

As a mum of 3, I understand the juggle and the hustle between building a successful business and conscious parenting. Not all my clients have children themselves but as a busy mum of three who built this business from scratch, I know a think or two about organisation, automation and making things as simple as possible as an online business owner.

I know how overwhelming the day to day running of your business can leave you feeling; exhausted, overwhelmed & sometimes even unfulfilled.

You have so many tasks to juggle and you just don’t have the time to honestly get them all done. You write out those to-do lists and you know that in each task you have written down there is like a hundred other parts to it before you can finally tick it off and mark it as completed. Thus you find it is on the to-do list for the following day.

You are feeling pretty demotivated and resent the time it takes you to carefully select and create content for your social media platforms because it’s taking you away from the other tasks that light you up. I bet you even procrastinate when you are on there, scrolling around and responding to messages, and you are still nowhere near getting your content scheduled ready to give value to your audience.

You are a Creative Entrepreneur and every time you want to try out something new it means spending time creating, building and tweaking those sales funnels, copy for your social media and your websites.

You know how time-consuming these can be, right?

So, I had the vision to change that. I wanted to build a business on values that are close to my heart:
Honesty, Love, Trust, Kindness & Courage
and provide a service that clients would be blown away by not just satisfied with.



My Approach

My vision is to offer support remotely for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners
making your investment  AFFORDABLE and my services ACCESSIBLE without sacrificing on the VALUE you get.

Working alongside you, I am there to support you with anything from the overwhelming admin tasks, managing your social media to being there in person at your live events & retreats.

Some people refer to me as a Virtual Assistant because I actually know specifically how to do the tech and digital marketing aspects of running a business online.  As a multifaceted woman I am hired by clients for various roles such as Training, Copy Writing and 1:1 Life Coaching and I can transition from offering support virtually to being there with you in person when you need it. Your Personal Cheerleader who gets where you have been, how you are feeling and has come out the other side., I want to show you how you can take your business & life forward and know that you don't have to do it all on your own.

I believe that there is enough room in this world for everyone to build their businesses successfully. Two minds are better than one, and working with someone who has been there, knows the struggles you face and has worked through them can be so POWERFUL. You can only go it alone for so long. There comes a time when having that extra support can be really effective in moving your business to the next level. 

Here's How I Can Help You



Get a personalized experience designed to bring success in all areas of your business with my signature services.



 Different packages to suit an array of needs and time frames.



Offering support for you in your business on an ongoing daily basis

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Do you have a ​Live Event coming up? Let me take the stress away whilst you enjoy the day. Email me for more information.

Claire is a fantastic VA.
She’s professional, always there to help and
goes above and beyond to make sure her work is to a high standard.

Natasha Edwards