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Get a personalized experience designed to bring success in all areas of your business with my signature services.

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Choose a wide array of programs and packages to suit your needs. I will do the best I can to help you!



Work with me 1:1 where I can take you through the steps to take your business to your desired next level. To work with me 1:1 please complete this application form.



Get an action plan you can easily implement with my 2-hour intensive audit on the current status of your business to give you direction on the best systems to use to better streamline and automate your business.



Your Ultimate package for when it comes to launching your membership, course, programme, you name it. With 3 years experience of successfully working behind the scenes and executing launches for clients you will get my knowledge, strategy, planning and execution of what works currently to ensure you have a launch you've always hoped for. Giving you back time and energy to focus on the areas of your launch that you love, connecting with your audience knowing that the behind the scenes is all taken care of.

Launch with Love is about seeing and hearing our clients, making their launch unique and one that they enjoy. Doing things your way for your business. 

Not only will you get support right from the start, but after your launch is over.....

Imagine your cart closing and suddenly you’re thinking about all the things you need to do for your clients who have just signed up to your programme?

Setting up the private fb group, all the workbooks and PDFs, recordings and trainings plus editing those and having them uploaded and made accessible to your new clients not to mention showing up, being present for your new clients who have made the decision to invest in you, your programme or course.

That’s why the Launch with Love Package was created. So you can focus on creating your content whilst we take care of the rest.

  • Creating your graphics and branding for your private FB Group.
  • Creating all your PDFs and Worksheets, you just have to provide the copy and images.
  • Automating your entire programme of course so that it lands right into your clients inbox on the same day every week.
  • Editing any of your recordings, masterclasses or trainings do they are on brand and embedded either on your site, or made privately accessible on Vimeo or YouTube.

Everything you can think of will be taken care for you, so all you have to do is show up, welcome your new clients and focus on being  front and centre with them, knowing that all the tech, content creation is all taken care of.

Support with copywriting, tech and systems to ensure your launch is set up as a plug and play system that you can tap into any time you wish to launch in the future.


1. Setting Up & Connecting Many Chat Bot for your challenge Opt In Page

2. Setting Up Calendar Save The Date on your Challenge Opt In Page

3. Connecting your Calendar Schedular Acuity or Calendly to you Zoom and Enabling times and dates for leads to book in calls regarding your programmes

4. Setting Up all Email Automations and Sequences within Active Campaign, ConvertKit or Ontraport

5. Setting Up your social media platform with AgoraPulse or ContentStudio so we can map out your content and keep an eye on your stats

6. Any video or content editing and embedding, creating and designing your templates for emails and website.

It’s important that you get a bespoke package so if there are elements in this package that you do not need, please contact me and we will create a launch package that gives you what you need and want, as you may have some things already in place in the list above.



If you are feeling like you are spending far too much precious time on social media then maybe it's time to have someone lighten the load so that you can get back to what lights you up and where your business needs you in order to scale and grow.



I am offering support for you in your business on an ongoing daily basis so you will no longer need to feel like your going it alone.

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